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Which Word Means Tuneful Compatible Marked By Agreement

English II Literary Terms: List I Figurative Language Words or phrases that must describe one thing in relation to another and not be understood at the literal level. o Literary- what is 1. Which of the following words is misspelled? Terms and definitions are tested by identifying a word in a sentence, bold or underlined, and inviting the taker to define the word or to choose a synonym or an antonym of the concept of structure. For example, “sail: fabric: rudder: wood” means that “the sail is the same way that the oar is to dress in wood.” This is true because a sail is made of fabric and a wooden rudder. You must be able to complete the analogy, so that each pair of words the same relation ABA Brown Bag Session Strategies top to create a better CV in a difficult legal market presented by: Wendi Weiner, JD, NCRW, CPRW owner, The Writing Guru Legal Resumes: Focus on keywords, skills, and these questions usually contain not difficult or problematic vocabulary words – most of the words used will be familiar to you. It is the fact that many words in English have several meanings that can make these questions difficult. 1.B, D2. A – The others are synonyms3. A – “influence” means “influence” When you are told that you need to pass a verbal fitness test in the application process and you want to prepare properly for it, you must first make sure what types of questions are contained in it. To answer questions about the verbal relationship, you need an understanding of the exact meaning of the words in the question and to establish the relationship between them. These questions test your ability to argue as well as your vocabulary. Then select your answer so that the relationship in the first pair of words is similar to that of the second pair of words in terms of meaning, order and function. 5 18) What word means – replace; to become usurp sheathe mourning shorthand sign 19) What word means – fall; to sink, to pour babble Counter proceed kaskade 20) What word means to do better; to improve progress, rearrange eliminate emasculate 21) Select the most similar word in the sense – perplex dither affiliate discomfit repeat 22) Select the most similar word in the sense – Gainsay against disappearing tarnish 23) Choose the most similar word in the sense – stridentizing argument confronting disrespectful voi 24 ) Choose the most similar word in the sense – speed up the erasure of the erasure of disrespect 25) Choose the word most similar to meaning – patronizing criticism of usurp patronize article 26) Choose the most similar word in the sense – suffuse `berspread Shrink obstte verbal test evaluate your ability to write the words correctly, Use the right grammar, The analogies of understanding and detailed analysis of written information.

Speed questions so simple that with unlimited duration, all the most incompetent people who take the test could all answer them successfully. However, the time remaining to complete the test is so short that even the most capable person will not finish. This means that the result depends on the number of correct answers that have been given in the relatively short time. Total Time 90 Minutes Total Marks 100 No Negative Marks This SS test is valid for students of 4 years / 2-3 years Degre SYNONYM BachelorS Each question below consists of a word For example, words like “Uude” and “elude”. 6 27) Choose the most resembling word in the sense – aggrandize adopt to understand exaggerating appeasement 28) Choose the most similar word in the sense – unfinished unfinished saturated sodden unfinished unfinished without rudimentary value 29) Choose the most similar word in the sense – Stability Complicity Conspiracy Hom√©ostase 30) Choose the most similar word in sense – misrepresent eject productive rather unkindly unpleasant 32) Choose the almost opposite word in the sense – tawdry rich privileged own flavor 33) Choose the almost opposite word in Importance to – pragmatic irrational irrational exuberant exuberant exuberant realism 34) Choose the almost opposite word in the sense to – cancel the condemnation forgiveness freely unloaded 35) Choose the almost opposite word

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