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Volkswagen Dealer Agreement

In Germany, this twilight reality has frightened retailers of all brands. Average market returns of $200 billion fell to just 1.3 percent last year, despite historically high new car sales and an increase in revenue, so profits heading to the automaker could pose a considerable threat. To address this, VW wants to create a global digital platform for customers, regardless of the market, to store their profiles and preferences, as well as buy products and services online. The platform called We collects and analyzes customer data with their consent, much like Amazon, Facebook or Google. But filling this gap electronically risks marginalizing dealers and reducing their role to little more than the supply and maintenance of vehicles. The agency`s model also responds to the growing demand from customers to seamlessly switch from online and offline channels throughout the buying process. Subject to the customer`s consent, the available data about the customer and his vehicle is used to communicate with him individually and consistently on all tactile points. “Thunder”, the new computer system, will be developed and will make its debut at dealerships with the introduction of the ID family. The setup process is also simplified: in just ten clicks, the entire vehicle is configured.

Stackmann also believes that, at least in Europe, dealer groups that have several stores in the immediate vicinity should be able to share services more easily. In the future, according to Stackmann, only one full-service “parent boat” per group will be needed, allowing some groups to reduce or close less profitable facilities. The agreement allows for new facility formats: urban showrooms, pop-up stores, used car centers and “service factories”, which want to take an industrial approach to high-throughput repair work. A spokesman for the European company said VW was also open to other ideas that a dealer wanted to develop. • Payments go to “preferred” dealers, which is selected in the customer`s digital profile Volkswagen will introduce its range of fully electric car IDs through an agency contract for retail in Germany. Following the initial confirmation that Britain would follow suit and despite a pan-European dealer deal, Volkswagen UK changed its position by saying it would not move away from a franchise deal for the launch of the ID3, which is due to be concluded in mid-July. However, the company refused to rule out a change at a later date. Under the new model, dealers act as agents in the sale of cars to individuals and small commercial enterprises. You oversee the acquisition, sales consulting, organization of test drives, settlement of transactions and delivery of vehicles in coordination with Volkswagen. The wish seller chosen by the customer at the beginning of the sales process receives the same commission and bonus as in the showroom, even if the vehicle is purchased online directly from Volkswagen. .

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