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Unlimited Licensing Agreement

Recommendation: Check where you provided Oracle to comply with the license agreement. If you`ve used outside of your territory, you`ll have a problem that will cost your business money if they find out. This silly article suggests that Oracle`s “unlimited” licenses aren`t really unlimited. Recommendation: You should have someone on your team experienced in reading ULA contracts. If you do, they will easily identify any of these contractual risks and identify them for you. If there is a risk, you can carry out an impact analysis together and develop a management strategy. You can do whatever it takes with the license and count all your processors well, but if you misunderstood your ULA contract, you could still have millions of euros, pounds or dollars of financial risk. Many large companies (national governments, defense companies) will negotiate an unlimited license agreement (ULA) for Oracle. These multi-million dollar contracts that allow the licensee to use Oracle software indefinitely. Due to the nature of the agreement, companies often feel that they can use as much Oracle software covered by the ULA as they deem necessary. Because if the licenses are “unlimited” and the bill is paid, there`s no need to worry, right? LicenseFortress Premier provides ongoing management and monitoring of your company`s Oracle license usage.

Upon expiration of the unlimited license agreement, oracle must provide a signed document describing the number of products installed, as well as the relevant data used for licensing Oracle software titles, for example. B number of processors and type of use. In addition to Oracle`s core software licensing models – Named User Plus and processor-based – Oracle offers the Unlimited License Agreement (ULA) to its largest customers. This is a convenient “All you can eat” option in which companies pay a single prepayment to get an unlimited license for a pre-identified list of Oracle products for a limited time, typically three years. The restrictions of an ULA are governed by the terms of the agreement. Some ULA clauses are about product and use, while others are about your organization or the notion of ULA. When your ULA term ends, you will have two options: you can certify and declare your use at Oracle or you can extend your ULA for another three years (or more). I receive questions from my network on oracle ULAs.

When your ULA renews next year, start planning. This article and the roadmap explain why you shouldn`t wait and what steps to take We also have a training on Oracle ULAs at the end of this month. Good luck! #oracle #sam #itam #licensing #ULA #softwareassetmanagement The question of whether or not an Oracle ULA offers an overall advantage has been controversial. The advantages of ULA are cost savings, comfort and simplicity. Agreements work best for companies that expect growth through normal business processes, not mergers and acquisitions. Oracle stores can bundle a number of Oracle products under an agreement and invoice, instead of a mix of complex licensing agreements for each product. It`s no wonder Oracle didn`t react to this nonsense. Don`t believe in exaggeration here.

Oracle offers great offerings for unlimited licensing, and while the article finds that language is an issue, only an idiot would negotiate an Oracle license agreement without involving their corporate lawyer…

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