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University Of Toronto Transfer Agreements

Please note that currently, the Transfer Guide contains only leads for publicly funded post-secondary institutions in Ontario. If you are visiting a private institution in Ontario or an institution outside Ontario, you should contact the admissions service of the school you wish to visit or visit its website to find out if your credits can be transferred. What can you pass on? You can transfer completed programs. A bulk transfer is made when a group of courses, often in the form of a certificate or diploma, is recognized for transfer credits. Example: If you have a three-year economics degree at university, you get a block credit if you go on to study business at an institution with which Northern College has an agreement. Depending on the agreement, you should be able to move directly to the second or third year of study. The time it takes to assess transfer credits depends on a number of factors, for example. B, if the documentation of your file is complete, where your studies were completed and how long your transfer credit request was received. An evaluation at the Canadian university lasts about four weeks, an international assessment for up to ten weeks. Successful applicants are admitted to the General Honours Bachelor of Arts (H.B.A.) or the Honours Bachelor of Science (H.B.Sc).

After admission to the Faculty of Arts and Science, enrollment in a program of study depends on their compliance with the program`s requirements through an assessment of transfer credits. The Faculty of Arts and Sciences generally accepts academic credits from other recognized post-secondary institutions, where course content corresponds to a course at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. Transfer credit assessment is mandatory for all students moving from outside the University of Toronto. The assessment request must be completed after receiving the authorization offer. Learn more about the transfer credit process and how your credits are assessed by the Faculty of Arts and Science. There are also several factors that take institutions into account when granting a transfer, including whether you have met the grade requirements for a course or if you have achieved a minimum MPA for a program, as well as the length of time you have completed a course or program. Colleges and universities also have what is called the residency policy, which requires you to have a certain percentage of a program in their institution to get your registration information.

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