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U Of M Usage Agreement

A list of these premises and any changes are made available to the association by the employer. Any changes to the current list of chambers of care will be reasonably comparable and by mutual agreement by LMC (Laboratory Management Committee). Such a meeting will not create an obligation to negotiate a discussed point and will not in any way alter the terms of the collective agreement between the university and GEO. Benefits negotiated separately, such as paid leave during an appointment year. B can be used to compensate for training deficits resulting from the period of leave provided for in Article XIV and Article XV, as long as this is authorized by the National Council for certification of persons, and according to the procedures and procedures determined by the employer. Training reductions are not guaranteed or guaranteed and are always subject to approval by the relevant national certification body, at the request of the programme director, at his discretion. Under no circumstances should the program director be compelled to apply to the national certification body. The application relates exclusively to the assessment of the will of an independent practice. The program director`s decision to reduce training is not subject to the appeal and arbitration procedures of the contracting parties` collective agreement. This applies to anyone who has not changed a password or accepted the user contract in the last 365 days. All outgoing accounts receive multiple signUM email reminders beginning one month before their expiry date. When you receive the email, it`s important to change your password and accept the user agreement as quickly as possible so you don`t lose access to your email or files.

Most of the time, moonlight house officers in hospitals or health centers are not related to the University of Michigan Health System. The services provided by house officer to patients at the University of Michigan as part of their GME program will be reimbursed to the institution as direct payments to GME, so that the House Officer will not be eligible for additional compensation for the care of patients in this situation. This directive applies not only to the University of Michigan`s services related to this specific GME program, but also to services provided by other institutions that have signed cooperation agreements with this specific GME program. However, services provided by house officers that are not related to their ACGME-approved program, including those in the University of Michigan health care system, are eligible for moonlight payments. For example, a surgeon at the University of Michigan might have moonlight in the emergency room at St. Joseph`s Hospital because it is not part of their training program. A pathologist from the University of Michigan could also be lunar in intensive care at the University of Michigan. These services are permitted as long as the services provided can be identified separately from the services required under the GME program approved by the House Officer. Internal moonlight opportunities will be coordinated by a person identified by the department, who is not a home official or is part of the implementation of educational programs within the department. 4.

Special Conference Option for the calculations of political groupsIn compliance with Article XV of special conferences, the University and the Union will meet two (2) times per semester (in the medium and future, by mutual agreement) to discuss potentially problematic average weekly work forecasts, exceeding the fraction estimate, and to determine possible avenues for acceptable resolutions for the university and the Union.

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