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Stamp Duty On Collaboration Agreement In Delhi

With the introduction of these amendments, the document included for-compensation transfer contracts, all land, including the agreement for sale within the meaning of Section 53A of the Transfer of Property Act,1882, must be registered if they were executed on September 24, 2001. Stamp duty, equivalent to 90% of the transport right, due to the consideration provided in the document, must be paid in this act and the remainder of the 10% of the tax must be paid at the time of completion of the document. 2) Introduction of Section 17 (1) (A) of the Indian Registration Act, which entered into transfer contracts for compensation for real estate under Section 53 (A) of the Property Transfer Act, including the mandatory transfer agreement. 3. Added a new section, Section 23 (A) of the India Stamp Act 1899. “Transportation of the type of partial benefit that can be billed to 90% of the benefits payable as transport.” It is communicated to the public that the Indian government has implemented a Gazette Notification No.56 of September 24, 2001, published in Gazette of India, Extraordinary, Part II, Section-1, – after modification: 1st amendment to Section 53 (A) of transfer of ownership, deletion of words to “contract is required by registration has not been registered”.” It would be in the interest of the executors to safeguard their rights to real estate by registering such documents. The non-registration of these instruments may render these documents inadmissible in any office or jurisdiction for the performance of an action or application as evidence. We ask the executors of such instruments to refer to Communication 56 of 24 September for further clarification. Do you know that the `sale agreement` must be registered now.

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