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Puppet License Agreement

As of August 2011, Canonical requires that contributions be licensed under a harmonic contribution licensing agreement, not the copyright awarded to Canonical. [38] With the Harmony CLA, “the Canonical contributor gives the license to use their contributions. The contributor retains the copyright to the contribution, with full right to reuse, rebroadcast and subsequently modify the associated code, so that he can share this contribution with other projects. [6] It still displays the old dated license and the license .key file is also crushed. As a change I remember, I only restarted the pe-puppetdb, pe-puppet and pe-memcached service. 3.2 You may not (i) not (i) not provide, disclose, display or otherwise provide software or copies, parts, excerpts or derivatives, or authorize the use of any of the above content by or for the benefit of multiple users or third parties, including, but not limited to, downloading software to a network or to a file-sharing or subscription service base , on a cloud hosting basis, service office or for the performance of administrative, outsourcing or other services to third parties, (ii) do anything that could lead to the software being subject to an open source license (or similar license) that is required for the use, modification or distribution of the software, including the part of it; in particular, the software: (A) is disclosed or distributed as a source code, (B) is allowed to produce derivative works or (C) is distributed free of charge; and (iii) use the software to develop competing software. Welcome to the websites (the “websites”). These websites are used to provide and access information about Puppet, Inc.`s products and services. It allows you to interact with us and others and gives you the opportunity to contact us directly.

We want you to benefit from the experience of visiting our sites, but we also want you to understand the terms and conditions you subscribe to when you visit websites and use our services. References to “we,” “our,” “we” or “Puppet” refer to Puppet and our service providers and designers that we deem appropriate. “Websites” include all sub-sites on the main website in as well as other websites under the domain, such as,,,, and

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