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Newham Planning Performance Agreement

For the development of small domestic workers, we offer them a free written consultation. For other proposals, a fee is levied for the service, so we can assign specialized planning advisors who will assist you at this early stage of the process. Performance planning agreements are essentially a project management process and instrument designed to improve the quality of key planning applications and improve security and transparency in the development of major projects, the evaluation of planning applications and the decision-making process. A planning performance agreement may address issues that go beyond formal application procedures, such as programming. B of the negotiation of a Section 106 agreement and related non-planning authorizations. In the case of very large or complex systems, the agreement can also serve as the basis for all voluntary contributions that the applicant has proposed in the event of unusual costs for processing the application. The parties will want to ensure that these payments do not exceed the cost of additional work, have no impact on the application decision, and do not divert resources from the processing of other files; Any additional resources thus made available must be used for additional capabilities that are really necessary to ensure an efficient and timely service. All parties must regularly review progress in implementing the planning performance agreement and assume joint responsibility for resolving problems or slippages. The national planning framework recognizes, in appropriate cases, the benefits of a design review. The local planning authority should consider offering, if necessary, a design review with its pre-application service. While a design review may take place at any time during the pre-application or planning process, it is particularly beneficial that it be carried out, once the restrictions and possibilities of the site have been defined and before a proposal has been developed in detail. The ability to inform and influence the design of a proposed development at this early stage is more effective than the attempt to implement the proposed revisions at a later stage, particularly when it is an important proposal and/or a proposal requiring an environmental impact assessment.

When a potential applicant is implemented at the pre-application stage, he or she is invited to articulate the results of the design review process when developing a formal planning application. This statement can be included in a design and access statement in cases where a declaration is required. Design and access declarations can help local planning authorities and other interested parties understand the evolving situation and the reasons for the proposed project. A planning performance agreement certainly helps to transform a large demand into an agreed timetable with meetings in order to resolve the problems encountered during the application process; signing a planning performance agreement between the applicant and the local planning authority does not affect the outcome of a planning request and does not provide a guarantee for the building permit. Any planning advice provided orally or in writing by public servants in the course of their duties is offered in good faith and is based on the information/justification provided. The advice is offered without the interest of an on-site visit or the participation of other advisors (non-internal and external), neighbours or other interested parties. Such views are therefore the personal opinion of this official and do not constitute a formal decision of the local planning authority and are not binding. The local planning authority is bound only if a formal application has been made and a formal decision has been made in writing. Much of the information you need to submit an application is also included in the planning area of our website. We receive a large number of calls, so please see our information

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