Provista Memory Test Kits
Our client, Provista Life Sciences, re-introduced two do-it-yourself test kits; one tests the loss of the ability to smell and the other, memory loss. Our design makeover features vital seniors combined with bright colors -- both to attract consumers in the retail space and lessen the anxiety usually associated with such tests.

One of the interesting challenges with this assignment was to create cover designs that would work in both a horizontal and a vertical format. The product hangs on vertical clip strips in retail, and opens horizontally during use.

These easy-to-use tests can be administered at home in just a few minutes. The Memory Test is a series of simple questions and calculations to determine mental acuity, while the Memory Test Plus is a multiple choice "scratch and sniff" that tests for the loss of the sense of smell. The results of either test could indicate a medical problem that requires follow-up by a physician for further testing.

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