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This stunning folder and informational inserts were designed for BHP Copper Inc., a division of BHP Billiton, one of the world’s largest diversified natural resources companies. The company is currently engaged in dismantling several of Arizona’s copper mines and working to restore the environment in those areas.

This versatile kit contains several informational insert sheets, organized in a standard format that can easily be updated and expanded for newsworthy opportunities. The kit is being used for presentations with governmental entities and in public and community relations efforts. Several pockets allow for flexibility in content.

The design of the folder itself features a copper metallic finish – taken one step beyond the expected with a subtle image of a former terraced copper pit imprinted within it. A strip of pristine Sonoran desert runs across the front, evoking the idea that beauty can be restored from what was once a tremendous scar on the land. The folder and inserts also feature historical sepia-toned photos to reassure lawmakers and residents alike that BHP acknowledges its deep and enduring history with the land and residents of Arizona.

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BHP Copper

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