Alzheimer's Annual Report

Alzheimer's Annual Report
"Maria grew up in Germany. She took long walks along the Rhine River. She got straight A's in grade school. She played guitar. She danced ballet. She came to Vermont as an exchange student. She met Wallace at the University of Vermont. She married him in 1938 in Dusseldorf. They fled Germany when the war broke out. She raised six children in Phoenix. She read stories at bedtime. She painted Arizona landscapes. She took Sunday drives with her family. She loved to read the Psalms. She has nine grandchildren... But she doesn't remember."

So reads the cover of the this annual report for the Greater Phoenix Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. This theme was carried throughout the annual and was a powerful means of illustrating the effects of the disease. The annual had a powerful impact and was so well-received that it gained national attention for the Alzheimer's Association as well as Morgan and Company.

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