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Knee Walker Rental Agreement

This is a brief overview of our rental terms. For more information on this agreement, please contact 01 866 3366. Nothing included in this contract should be construed in such a way that the client receives or creates a right, title or interest for or for the kneeling hiker, except for the rights and interests of a tenant, as provided in the tenant. The client undertakes not to sell, sell, subles, mortgage or otherwise incriminate, or to not suffer a pawn on or against any interest in this contract or the knee runner. The customer understands that it is his responsibility to follow the operating and safety instructions of the products obtained by ValuPlus Knee Scooter Rental and to use common sense. The client should read the instructions when receiving with the knee-walker shipment and before the use of the knee walker. The client recognizes that the knee runner supports people no more than 350 pounds, and ensures and guarantees that the knee will not be used by a person weighing more than 350 pounds. Unless explicitly stated, ValuPlus Knee Scooter Rental disclaims any liability for injuries or damage caused by the use or misuse of products received by ValuPlus Knee Scooter Rental, and the customer takes the same risk. If the customer has any questions, the customer agrees to contact ValuPlus Knee Scooter Rental at 800-889-0311 for advice and advice. The customer understands that his insurance company can cover the rental costs, but the customer may be subject to a deductible, co-payment or other requirements. Increase your independence and help heal wounds with a wellness Medical Equipment And Supplies knee-to-walker rental. Little or no upper body strength is needed to operate a force that reduces the likelihood of back pain, forearm pain and fatigue. This makes it a comfortable and safe alternative to crutches or a wheelchair.

Kneeling hikers make it easier to use on daily commutes. They are also light and can bend down, making it a breeze on long trips. The customer also understands that the customer has the option to purchase the rented Knee Walker for $525.00 plus taxes at any time during the rental period. The amount of rent accumulated is applied to the purchase price. Buy our extensive inventory of hikers and accessories online and feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the rental process. All of our kneeling scooters are booming and have gone through our rigorous certified cleaning system. Pick-up and pickup are only available in our Portlaoise store. The customer hereafter supports and supports any risk of loss, theft, damage or destruction of the knee for any reason. The customer must immediately and completely inform ValuPlus Knee Scooter Rental in writing if, for any reason, the hiker is worn, lost, stolen, destroyed, severely damaged or permanently unusable.

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