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Consolidation Subdivision Agreement

Registrar`s Requirements Regulation 2011 describes the information that must be included in subdivision plans filed with Land Use Victoria. A consolidation is carried out by a request by the owner of the immovable property to issue a certificate of consolidated ownership within the meaning of section 40 of the Deeds Registries Act 47 of 1937 (hereinafter referred to as “the Act”). One of the prerequisites for issuing such a certificate is the need to draw up a diagram of the parts of the country that need to be consolidated into a single land unit. The above diagram must be approved by the Surveyor General. Once the chart is obtained by the client, a promoter may be tasked with assisting the documents office with an application for a consolidated certificate of title. In the event that immovable property bound by a notary is consolidated, the register of certificates shall be endorsed, at the time of registration of the consolidation, the consolidated certificate of title relating to the extinction of the condition of commitment. The executor of the notarized commitment agreement must consent to the consolidation and termination of the commitment agreement. • The basis for the consolidation of the subdivision may be the architect`s project, the succession contract or existing structures. The documents relating to the filing and registration at the office of documents in the name of the customer by the carrier therefore contain the request for certification of the consolidated title; the draft certificate relating to the consolidated title; the corresponding ownership instruments and the approved consolidation diagram. Guidelines for the subdivision of real property and reports of licensed surveyors The only new parcels that can be built by a subdivision plan are land, roads, reserves or collective property. Consolidating Limited Title packages requires that all titles be limited, that basic plans have warehouses and full distances at all boundaries, and that basic plans match. NOTE: If your plan meets the above requirements, no prior authorization is required by the Plan and Title Advisor and the reference “20M (Comp)” must be displayed in addition to the surveyor`s reference on the administrative records and the plan filed.

NOTE: The acceptable error limit for a fully compiled plan is 1:8000 (level country) and 1:4000 (abrupt country). A subdivision plan may also remove or vary existing easements and restrictions with a building permit or by a planning plan as defined in section 23 of the 1988 subdivision. All new subdivision plans submitted to Land Use Victoria are submitted in accordance with the Subdivision Act 1988. As part of the subdivision process, a plan can create easements, landlords, and restrictions (restrictive agreements). On the other hand, the notarial commitment of two properties is done by a notarized contract of engagement, in accordance with the provisions of Article 65 of the Law. A notarized contract is signed before a notary by the respective owners of the notarial land and by the person implementing the commitment agreement. . . .

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