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Atlassian Software Licence Agreement

7.2 Subscription terms and extensions. Hosted services are provided on the basis of a subscription for a duration specified in your order (“subscription duration”). Unless otherwise stated in your order, all subscriptions are automatically renewed for periods corresponding to your initial subscription period (and you will be charged at current rates) unless you cancel your subscription via your account. If you cancel, your subscription expires at the end of the current billing cycle, but you are not entitled to credits or refunds for amounts incurred or paid before the termination. 22.5. Full agreement. This agreement is the full agreement between you and Atlassian regarding the software and replaces all prior or simultaneous, oral or written communications, suggestions and assurances between you and Atlassian regarding the software or any other matter that falls under this Agreement. No provision of an order or other activity form you have used replaces or complements the terms of this Agreement, and such a document, which relates to that agreement, serves only an administrative purpose and has no legal value. Once the payment is processed, the new license key will be added to the account of the billing and technical contacts listed in the order.

This agreement is the full agreement between the End User and Atlassian with respect to products and replaces all prior, oral or written communications, proposals and assurances relating to products or any other subject covered by this Agreement. If a provision of this agreement were to be struck, invalid, unenforceable or illegal, the other provisions will remain fully in force. This Agreement may not be amended or amended, except as stated on the first page of this Agreement or by other means with the written agreement of Atlassian (which, at its sole discretion, may be retained without justification). As used here, “included” (and its variants) means “including unrestricted” (and its variants). If any of the parties to this Agreement violates a provision in this Agreement relating to confidential information or intellectual property rights, no appropriate remedy may be only legally available; Therefore, the victim may apply for an injunction, special benefit or any other form of fair or financial harm or a combination of it. No breach or delay of the person aggrieved by this Convention in the exercise of a right, power or prerogative of this contract is considered to be a waiver, nor does the individual or partial exercise of that agreement exclude any or any other exercise of that agreement or the exercise of a right, power or prerogative of this contract. The parties are independent contractors. This agreement should not be construed as representing one of the parties as a partner of the other party or as creating another form of legally binding that would confer on the party the explicit or implied right, power or power to create an obligation or obligation of the other party.

Software maintenance prices can be checked from time to time. For products that are maintained based on an older license model that is no longer available, you will be listed at the current renewal price.

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