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Apterr Agreement

The meetings also agreed that the main APTERR agreement did not need the amendment; However, the financial arrangements set out in Annex 2 to the APTERR Agreement need to be amended. Accordingly, the draft Protocol amending Annex 2 to the APTERR Agreement was prepared by the ASEAN Secretariat and discussed by SOM-AMAF+3. In order to achieve their common objective, the Parties to APTERR have agreed to establish APTERR stocks consisting of specific emergency rice and stored emergency rice reserves, which shall be used by each Member State to assist victims in times of distress. APTERR rice reserves must be fit for human consumption based on international food safety standards. APTERR was formally established as a permanent mechanism on 27 March 2013, at the first meeting of the APTERR Council held in Bangkok, Thailand. The APTERR Secretariat office in Bangkok was also officially opened on this occasion. Since then, the implementation of the APTERR Secretariat has been financially supported by the operating account provided by the parties to APTERR. With the increase of the allocated reserve to 787,000 tonnes, the WBF`s activities were implemented by its secretariat, under the authority of the WBF project steering committees, each belonging to a representative of each Member State. The secretariat was organized by the Government of Thailand.

In the initial phase of the project, the same Thai government contributed in kind to the project in terms of offices and staff. The project received financial support from the Japanese government. The pilot project implemented more than 10,000 tonnes of rice through animals 1 and 3 in the ASEAN region. The APPTERR Board is the Board of Directors composed of one representative of each member and acting as the governing body of APTERR. In the meantime, the APTERR Secretariat has been established to play a key role in facilitating and coordinating the APTERR mechanism. On 28 October 2012, the 12th meeting of AMAF+3 in Vientiane, the Lao RDP had a consensus to host the APTERR Secretariat office in Thailand. The Thai Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MOAC) has commissioned the Office of Agricultural Economics (OAE) to provide the offices of the APTERR Secretariat, while being a focal point between the host country and the APTERR Secretariat. In line with the specific distinction between emergency situations, there are three APTERR programmes that are used to cope; The APTERR Secretariat is headed by the Director General (GM), appointed by the APTERR Council.

The activities and implementation programmes of the APTERR Secretariat shall be rectified to the APTERR Council. The offices of the APTERR Secretariat are an in-kind contribution of the Government of Thailand, headquartered at the Office of Agricultural Economics (OAE), Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives (MOAC), Bangkok, Thailand. . . .

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