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Agreement Sambung Bayar Rumah

5. In the event of the death of the seller at the beginning of the transaction, the house remains considered an estate of the seller, since the subsidy is always in the name of the seller. The seller`s relatives always have the right to take action against the house. The seller or heir will certainly assert that he still has rights to the house, because his name is still in the grant. If this happens, the solution lies in the legal process. When it comes to legal proceedings, it involves considerable legal costs and a long period of time. And the court`s decision will undoubtedly be on both sides. Then there will be a party that will suffer losses. In this method, you sell us the house through a rental agreement where we rent your house today and buy it after a few years (usually 5 years). Today, the price of the offer is usually the market price. Lease purchase agreements are very flexible and contain terms agreed by both parties.

❌ The beneficial owner (original) is exposed to risks and liabilities if the buyer continues to pay the monthly payment. If the buyer does not pay the monthly payment to the bank as agreed, the bank will nevertheless act against the seller, not against the buyer. This is due to the fact that there were previous credit agreements for the construction of housing between the seller and the bank. Advantages of the fast process, as it is not the process of applying for a loan and waiting for the loan. You can sell your home today at market prices. You can use the rental money to pay the bank each month and your name is not blacklisted (blacklist) Your home will survive the auction and you won`t have to bear the cost of the auction. For example, A still has a home loan from RM200K`s XYZ bank. He sold the house to B for RM250K. B pays a deposit (balance) of the sale and purchase price of RM50K to A.

Balance, B will declare by continuing the monthly payment of the home loan A until its completion. ❌ In the event of the death of the original purchaser, the original beneficiary of the original purchaser inherits the house and the buyer is not entitled to assert any claims. It is the opposite. The downside is that you will only receive the rental money and no money from the sale of the house because you haven`t sold your home yet.

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