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Acic Secondary Transactions Master Agreement

Status: Historical File Appendices: Application Letter from the President of TPMC regarding the update of the Swap Breakage Form Compensation 2006 Update on Form 1 (Redline version) Status: Historical File Appendices: Updated Template Form No. 1 (Redline version) 2006 Previous form changes Status: File Histories: Template X-1 form. The LIBOR Transaction Process Management Committee (TPMC) has prepared the fallback language LIBOR project and distributes the projects to the ACIC Fellows for verification and commentation. Libor Fallback Language discusses what happens with variable-rate bonds when LIBOR can no longer be used as a benchmark rate. Please let […] Current Form Status: Historical File Appendices: DOC Status: Historical File Appendices: Guiding Principles Update 2017 Report of the CIAC Ad Hoc Committee on the Role of the Pre-Designated Investor` Counsel October 2006 Ethical Analysis of the ACIC Guiding Principles for Pre-Design investors` Counsel October 2006 2006 Amendments to existing Form X-2 (Blackline version) (with footnotes) File Histories: Model X-2 Shape Contains a title note from 25.04.07. Status: Historical Annexes: Make-Whole and Swap Indemnity Language (28.03.07). . . .

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